wellness from within

CONTRAST is founded on the principle that wellness comes from within. We believe that nourishing the mind, body and soul is a key part of maintaining equilibrium.

Taking time to switch off is not only advisable, but essential in today’s hectic and challenging world.

Our philosophy fuses transformative ancient healing practices into the modern world, combining hot and cold therapy for moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

At CONTRAST, we sweat with intention.

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Taking time to look after yourself from the inside out is an essential part of a modern lifestyle. At CONTRAST, we want to be a part of your wellness journey, from providing a space to escape to delivering experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul.


Whether that’s from a heavy session in the gym, the stresses of life or burning the candle at both ends, CONTRAST is a sanctuary for recovery, a place where you can soothe, switch off, rest and recharge.

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Youthfulness is not a number, it’s a state of mind. While we understand that looking and feeling young is important to our audience, the embodiment of youth is more than skin deep. Saunas are reported to promote clearer, tighter skin, but they can also benefit heart health, circulation, relaxation and better sleep – all elements that help us stay younger and healthier for longer.


The pandemic accelerated a growing interest in immunity, turning it from a consideration into a priority. Reported as improving circulation, regenerating cells and releasing impurities, infrared saunas can be positioned as a key element in improving and maintaining immunity, making them an essential element in the new wellbeing toolkit.

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sweat with intention.