Contrast therapy Dubai



Experience deep relaxation and detoxification with our infrared sauna, which uses gentle, penetrating heat to warm the body from the inside out.

Embrace the tradition of sauna with our Finnish sauna, which uses dry heat to warm the room and promote relaxation, stress relief, and a feeling of well-being.

Take your sauna experience to the next level with an ice bath, which stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, and promotes recovery.

Boost your immune system, rehydrate your body, and replenish vital nutrients with our next-generation IV vitamin drips.

Unwind and soothe sore muscles with a healing massage, tailored to your needs and preferences by our skilled therapists.

Infrared Sauna in Dubai

Nourishing Mind, Body and Soul

At CONTRAST, we believe in the power of preventative wellness. Our studio is dedicated to optimising wellbeing, recovery, youthfulness, and immunity using transformative ancient healing practices.

We are accessible to all; no membership required.

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Discover the Power of Hot and Cold Therapy

CONTRAST is the first studio of its kind in Dubai and is dedicated to sharing the benefits of hot and cold therapy. We believe in the power of preventative wellness, which is why wellbeing, recovery, youthfulness and immunity are the heart of our brand.

Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation and Wellness at CONTRAST

Think of CONTRAST as a sanctuary; an escape from daily life designed with your wellbeing in mind. No matter how you feel when you walk through our doors, you can expect to leave CONTRAST feeling revitalised, more youthful, lighter, brighter and invigorated.